Wednesday, February 22, 2017

BetOnline Responds to Live Online Blackjack Cheating Charge

Did he or didn't he Cheat?
Ever since the BetOnline blackjack-cheating incident his Youtube a few days ago, tens of thousands of people, everyone from bloggers to online blackjack players to online blackjack cheats to the plain old curious, have been talking about it, analyzing whether or not actual online-casino-sponsored-cheating did take place.

Under tons of pressure to respond, BetOnline finally did. Read that response here and then come back to this page and read my take on it.

My take: It doesn't really seem that BetOnline admitted any cheating but rather emitted the usual phraseology about upgrading its feed and its dedication to maintaining the integrity of online casino gaming on their site.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Live Online Blackjack Dealer Caught Cheating?

Proof of Live Online Blackjack Cheating?
Don't be surprised! It's not the first time.

Two years ago a live online roulette dealer was caught simply placing the ball on the winning number without even spinning it!

As the live online tables are usually off to the side of the busy main casino, sometimes the inspectors charged with supervising them just forget about them, leaving the dealers free to do more or less what they please.

And if that dealer is dishonest, the consequences can be huge for the casino.

This time the evidence of the live online casino cheating incident appeared on Youtube. The live feed came from Global Gaming Labs of Costa Rica, which is used by several online casinos. Professional blackjack player Michael Morgenstern was reportedly playing online blackjack at BetOnline when he recorded the incident.

It seems that the dealer on the video is actually dealing a second card and not the top card, which is a flaming cheat move that has been around for centuries.

But the result of this second-deal move is puzzling. It resulted in the player losing and the casino winning the hand. Had the move not been performed, the player would have won the hand. This begs the obvious question: why is the dealer cheating for the casino? Normally dealers participate in cheat-scams to aid a player or players he's in cahoots with, and then they split up the profits.

It's hard to believe an online casino would partner-up with a dealer to cheat players when they already have an unbeatable online edge.

When I get more info on this I will certainly pass it along.

To see the video go here.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Professional Card-Switcher on Rampage through Washington State Pai Gow Tables

Washington St. Pai Gow Tables Inviting Cheats?
Though as yet unidentified, the alleged Pai Gow card-switching cheat is an aerospace engineer!

Hard to connect the aerospace industry with casino cheating, but maybe the guy had a gambling problem. I would be willing to wager that he is Chinese, though.

According to reports, the man was arrested and charged with thirteen counts of what they're calling second-degree cheating and five counts of misdemeanor theft. This IMMEDIATELY caught my eye. Firstly, I never heard of second-degree casino cheating. In just about every casino jurisdiction in the US, any casino cheating, regardless of the amount of money involved, is a felony. Even if it's for one dollar. And the $6,000 the card-switching cheat allegedly earned is being treated as misdemeanor theft!

My take: Well, it's simple. I would advise all you casino cheats out there to head out to Washington State! If your only risk at cheating attempts for serious money is being charged with misdemeanors, whata have you got to lose?

Chinese Dealer and Patron Team-Up for New Insider Casino Cheat Scam in British Columbia Casino

B.C. Dealer Cheat Scam
The details of what cheating incident actually occurred last November at the Lake City Casino have not been released but it happened at the roulette wheel. Twenty-one year-old roulette dealer Yun Long Yang and twenty-five year-old roulette player Mingzhe Xuwere arrested after an investigation by Canadian gaming authorities. Apparently the casino was tipped off by another dealer and began watching Yang at several roulette tables where they noticed that Xu was following him to each table.

Dealers being followed to respective tables by players is oftentimes a sign of a collusion cheating scam between dealer and player, although sometimes players like to follow a dealer who has been lucky for them on previous tables.

I do not yet have details of what the roulette cheat scam was, but I imagine it was something simple involving the dealer moving the player's chips onto winning numbers while marking them with the dolly or just simply paying out chips when supervisors weren't looking.

As soon as I have more on this, I will pass it along.

My take: Even though my own twenty-five-year professional cheating career began with an inside dealer collusion scam, I generally don't favor them--unless, of course, I am the dealer!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Russian Smart Phone Slot Machine International Cheat Scam Widens

Russian Smart Phone Slot Scam
We first heard about the ingenius Russian Cell Phone Slot scams back in 2014 as it was deployed in Singapore's casinos.  Bit since then there has been evidence of its use in casinos worldwide, especially in the midwest United States.

To see all the details about the scam, read this article

My take: The main reason this Russian slot machine scam is so good, besides the obvious high-tech mastery and deception, is that the slot cheats operating it have shown themselves not to be too greedy. They are taking down relatively small wins and not the huge jackpots that draw too much attention. The band of Russian cheats typically enter a casino and take out a few grand a shot, but when they do this continually and have thousands of casinos to choose from, they get into the millions and even tens of millions very quickly.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Is this a Bungled Attempt at Pulling off my Famed Savannah Roulette Cheat Move?

Me demonstrating the Savannah
First, read this news account of what the aspiring cheat did.

Then tell me what you think. Is it an attempt as Savannah or not? And if you think it is, please tell me why you think it was good or bad or ridiculously bad.

My thought is, if I understand correctly what the guy was doing, is how could he sit there with his hands covering the bet the whole time the ball was spinning? How could the dealer or a floor person standing nearby not notice this?

And then, why didn't he just DO the Savannah correctly if his awkward move was indeed inspired by it? I mean, loads of people are out there still doing this incredible move with lots of success.

The bottom line is I'd bet this guy was indeed doing his version, albeit ridiculous, of my Savannah.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Fox 8 News in Cleveland Releases Casino Surveillance Video of Dice-Sliding Craps Cheat Scam.

Two casino craps players at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, Ohio were convicted of casino cheating, put on probation and ordered to make restitution of $39,000 to the casino, the amount they earned cheating the craps tables at the casino.

I took a look at this tape and can't really see jack shit, so maybe someone else out there can take a look at it and tell me if they see anything that would constitute real evidence of dice-sliding.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Who Really Cares About Artificial Intelligence Computers Beating Poker Players?

Poker Players Against AI
Like many of you, I have been reading a lot about this artificial intelligence poker player called AI who's beating the world's best poker players at special tournaments set-up just for this purpose. I ask myself who is interested in this crap anyway? In fact, the whole scene reminds me of chess computers and backgammon computers that work on the same principles as the poker AI computer. You can read all about AI here.

But who really cares about this stuff? Unless AI can be used by poker cheaters in live games, I don't see the interest in it. We of course already know that AI or other intelligent poker bots can win at online poker, but up until now I have not heard of any attempts to somehow get an AI player into a live poker cash game or tournament, and unless we do see such attempts, the whole AI poker thing is just going to be another case of backgammon and chess computers matching human manufactured wits against humans themselves.

Let me know what you think.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Invisible Card-Marking Ink That Wasn't!

His Invisible Ink Shined Like a Star
This is one of the most interesting and funny incidents of card-marking in casinos that I have ever heard! It actually came to light back in 2014, but I hadn't heard of it.

I just did last December when the Las Vegas Gaming Commision announced it was considering Bujar Kaloshi for a page in its infamous "Black Book," formally known as the Nevada State List of Excluded Persons.

Those unlucky enough to make this list cannot enter any Nevada State casino under the penalty of being arrested for felony trespassing. They are a collection of gaming and casino cheats, organized crime figures, and people with generally unsavory reputations who are considered harmful to the integrity of Nevada's casino industry.

Bujar Kaloshi, a long-time casino cheat specializing in card-marking and who has many funny-sounding name-aliases, may be the first card-marker in history to be using invisible ink to mark the cards that really wasn't invisible! He wore special contact lenses to see the marks on the backs of the cards, secure in his confidence that casinos' surveillance video aparatus could not see the markings.

Well, he was almost entirely right. But one surveillance operator at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut had another idea, and what he did to implement it reminded me of the Beatles' publicity stunt in 1969 whereby spinning the album Abbey Road backwards, you heard chants that Paul McCartney was dead.

What the surveillance operator did, after recognizing Kaloshi playing at the poker table, was rewind the tape and put it in black-and-white mode which enabled him to clearly view the markings on the cards.

So the jig was up and Kaloshi's casino cheating career took a major hit.

He was subsequently placed in the black book

Saturday, January 14, 2017

World's Number One Casino Cheat Catcher Robert "Bob" Griffin of Griffin Investigations Dies

Legendary Cheat Catcher
Any poker cheat or casino cheat worth his weight in chips knows very well who Robert Griffin was.

For those of you who don't, Griffin was the founder of the original Griffin Detective Agency in the 1960s, which fast became the private investigation service used by the majority of Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe casinos. Today the agency is called Griffin Investigations and still serves as the number-one private casino-detective ageny, not only in the state of Nevada but throughout the entire world.

That is mainly because of the advent of his infamous "Griffin Book," which was (and still is online to those who employ Griffin) nothing less than the Who's Who of poker and casino cheating. Casinos around the world paid Griffin for his book in order to keep track of and identify hordes of international casino cheats and poker cheats.

I myself have an entire page (or more)  in the Griffin Book.

Though I never met Robert Griffin personally, I am sure he was as familiar with me as my own family.

His number-one prized agent, Andy Anderson, who recently passed away himself, was my personal nemesis in Nevada casinos during more than 20 years. He once told me it was his life mission to bust me and put me permanently out of business.

He of course never did.

And after I retired I actually became friendly with Anderson and saw him at various casino game protection conferences and seminars.

As for Griffin, his agency was responsible for putting many casino megacheats out of business and
some into prison, including those involved in the Tran Organization baccarat scam that bilked North American casinos out of some $20 million in the early and mid 2000s.

Griffin was also instrumental in putting the famous MIT blackjack card-counting team out of business.

Well, the Las Vegas casino-cheating world lost a legend, regardless of which side anyone occupied in that world.