Friday, August 19, 2016

When the Casino Cries Foul over a Huge Slot Machine Jackpot

Poor Veronica
From time to time, or maybe even a bit more frequent than that, a casino patron wins a huge jackpot only to be told by the casino that there was a malfunction with the particular slot machine and therefore the jackpot is voided.

When this happens, is the casino deliberately trying to avoid paying out a legitimate jackpot,or is the casino telling the truth about a malfuction?

Well, I will answer the quesiton like this: About forty years ago I walked into a bank to withdraw the last five thousand bucks I had in my savings account to finance a gambling binge (a legitimate one before I got into casino cheating). After the transaction, I asked the teller what my balance was.

She answered five hundred fifty-five thousand dollars and change!

I thought my ears were deceiving me, so I asked her to repeat it...and she did!

I knew immediately that this was some kind of computer error but of course I thought about withdrawing all that money on the spot and closing the account.

But my ball were not big enough at the time, so I just ignored it and waited for the next bank statement which reflected the correction and posted my true balance of fifty-five cents.

My point is that these types of errors do happen, and they happen with slot machines as well. So I conclude that the faulty non-cheating jackpots that occur in casinos are real. I mean, after all, casino jackpots pay for themselves by the money that patrons put into the machines, so there is absolutely no reason for casinos to play hanky-panky with slot jackpot payouts.

The latest victim of this was Veronica Castillo, who for a few minutes thought she hit an $8 million jackpot at the Lucky Eagle casino in Washington State. The casino staff advised her of the machine's malfunction and deleted five zeroes off her jackpot total--paying her eighty bucks and apologizing for the error.

That's the way it goes, Veronica

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is Poker Night in America Real or just another Cheat the Public Poker Show?

Poker Acting at its Best
If you remember, I heavily criticized the old "High Stakes Poker" TV show, claiming it was nothing more than an agreement between the Gaming Show Network, who wanted to increase their ratings, and the participating poker players, who wanted the publicity to further their careers, to stage the show so that both entities would profit. I never said the hands or their outcomes were fixed. I only said that whatever monies were won and lost in the huge cash game were redistributed back to the participants while off the air.

I believe that "Poker Night in America" and whatever other big televised cash-game is nothing more than the same thing.

It's all bullshit.

And if you look at some of the hands where huge money is won and lost, you will see my point.

One that comes to my mind is the hand played between Phil Laak and Shaun Deeb back in September, 2015.

Deeb raises $9,000 all-in with second pair after the flop and Laak calls with Ace-King. Deeb ends up winning $41,000 in the hand.

Come on, gimme a break!

If you believe that, then you believe I never cheat a casino outta one single chip!

And note that Laak's wife/girlfriend (I´m not sure which) Jennifer Tilly was also in that game. Just the presence of Laak and Tilly in ANY game would leave me believing absolutely NOTHING of that game's validity. I mean, do you remember Tilly's famous check-fold of a full house on the "Poker After Dark" show a while back?

I'm still trying to figure out that one!

And as I wrote in my book Dirty Poker back in 2006, I still to this day do not believe that Jennifer Tilly's 2005 WSOP Ladies Only Championship was anything more than a deal arranged by people in the poker world at that time.

I can't mention any specific names.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Little history Lesson on Roulette Cheating--The Dolly

Never stopped pastposting
You all know that every time the dealer spins the roulette ball, he marks the winning number on the layout by placing the dolly (or number marker) atop the chips straight-up on the winning number or on the naked surface if there are no chips there.

But do you know the history of the this roulette dolly?

Prior to 1955, there were no such dollies in existence. Roulette dealers would simply point to the winning number on the layout, announce it, and then begin sweeping the losing chips off the layout and the process of paying the winners, first the outside winners then the inside winners.

The early and mid-fifties were the heyday of roulette pastposting (placing late bets), especially straight-up on the numbers. In fact, it was like a roulette cheating epidemic. The biggest roulette pastposting cheats at the time were Henry Classon, a cheating ancestor of mine, and a mute gentlemen named Mumbles, both inducted in the Casino Cheats Hall of Fame.

This pair terrorized casinos in Las Vegas, Reno and Puerto Rico to the point that a fed-up pit boss at the Americana casino in Puerto Rico decided to do something about it: he invented the roulette dolly.

His idea was that if the dealer placed the dolly atop the chips on the winning number or on the naked winning number, roulette pastposting cheats would no longer be able to manipulate those chips or place ones on the number that weren't there before the ball dropped.


But in spite of that, casinos across the world have been using the roulette dolly ever since.

Huge Baccarat Cheat Scam Trial in Singapore Results in 13 Jail Sentences

Bac Cheat Group Reconnaissance
It lasted almost four months and the defendants were charged with cheating the Singapore Marina Bay Sands casino out of $1.4 million in what the judge called the biggest and most sophisticated casino cheat scam in the history of Singapore gambling.

Of course there is no surprise that it was a baccarat scam and that it occurred at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands, which is by far the most cheated casino in the world.

The details are a bit unclear, at least to me, but the description of the massive cheat scam is that 14 Thai nationals, 10 men and four woman, somehow obtained a key to a cabinet containing a "playing card carrier," removed the cards, photographed them, replaced them into the carrier without disturbing the sequence, put the carrier back into the cabinet, and finally hit the baccarat table knowing how the cards would fall and won the $1.4 million over a single three-hour baccarat session.

According to reports, they purposely lost a few hands to conceal their scam.

They were supposedly caught when their "suspicious" behavior was caught on surveillance tape.

And they had made at least one reconnaissance trip to the casino to test the key and even conducted dry runs at a casino in Manila.

And if that's not enough intrigue to this casino-cheat case, the alleged mastermind, 53-year-old Soum Sengmanivong, is supposedly dead in to take a bet on that!!

Well, first of all, is a "playing card carrier" the same thing as a card shoe? Or is it a contraption that holds cards when they're delivered to the casino from the manufacturer?

It also appears from numerous articles on the scam that the group stole the card carrier from the baccarat room where actual games where in progress. They crowded the area so no one would notice.

If I am reading this correctly, I am having lots of trouble believing it...and as far as their suspicious activity caught on surveillance tape goes, when did that come into play and where is the evidence of their abducting the card carrier and then putting it back in the cabinet?

Well, whatever happened there, the results of the trial were generally minor prison terms ranging from one year to a year and and a half.

And one more thing: where did they get the key to the cabinet? There was no mention of an inside employee in on the scam, so did they have the key made? If so, was a locksmith involved in the scam to do the fitting work that would have been needed to make the key??

There's only one thing I can say for sure about all this: The Marina Bay Sands, if they actually store live cards right in the baccarat room and not somewhere else inside the building, is even more of a casino game protection nightmare than I previously thought!

If anyone can give me some clarifying details about this case, I would surely appreciate it!

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Decision on Stange Class Action Poker Cheat Lawsuit Against Atlantic City Borgata

Counterfeit Chip-Flusher
During the 2014 Borgata Winter Open poker tournament, a poker cheat by the name of Christian Lusardi snuck a substantial amount of counterfeit chips into play, which gave him a huge advantage against other players in that particular event. His counterfeit poker-cheat move was discovered, upon which the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement promptly redistributed the remaining prize money to all players who had entered into the event, all but 27 of whom were already knocked out of it at the time the cheat scam was uncovered.

Three players in the tournament, Jacob Musterel, Farid Vaghefi and Steven Celeste, were not happy with the New Jersey DGE's decision and as such launched a class-action lawsuit against the DGE for its decision and against the Borgata for its failure to recognize the counterfeit chips until very late in the tournament.

They claimed that the redistribution of chips greatly disfavored them because they had chips left while the majority of players who received parts of the redistribution did not, and that the majority of the players who received the paybacks had never even gone up in a hand against Lusarti, therefore they did not really suffer any losses because of Lusardi's fake chips.

This case was the last of several other similar suits against the NJ DGE, and the plaintiffs lost in all of them, including their appeals.

My take: This was a very interesting case, and I agree with the plaintiffs that they were shortchanged in not receiving bigger parts of the redistribution, but at the same time I understand the difficulty that would have ensued trying to administer the redistribution according to what each player's actual probabilities of winning the tournament were at the time the decision to refund the remaining prize money was made.

And the best part of this all? That was certainly when Lusardi was caught trying to flush hundreds more of these counterfeit poker chips down the toilet at Harrah's casino...fucking up the bathroom's plumbing!!! LOL

Friday, July 29, 2016

Top 10 Casino and Poker Cheating Victims Worldwide

Top of the Cheat List
This is a worldwide list of casinos that have reportedly suffered the most cheating incidents during the last twelve months based on the volume of its table games and the estimated number of players who frequent these casinos.

It is important to note that this does not mean that these 10 casinos are the easiest to cheat because there is no correlation here between reported casino cheating incidents and those that go unreported, but if we assume that the overall cheat-apprehension rate is more or less equal globally, then these 10 casinos certainly look like ripe targets to the world's casino cheats.

1) Sands Casino Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2) Marina Bay Casino Singapore
3) Foxwoods Casino Connecticut
4) Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
5) Horseshoe Casino Council bluffs, Iowa
6) MotorCity Casino Detroit, Michigan
7) River Rock Casino Vancouver, Canada
8) Saint-Vincent Casino Aosta Vallley, Italy
9) San Remo Casino, San Remo, Italy
10) Borgata Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Handheld Blackjack Switch Game! A Casino Cheat's Delight!!

Blackjack Switch Cheat Bait?
Have you all heard about the new casino game Blackjack Switch?

It's the game where you're dealt two hands and you can switch one card from each hand into the other. It is dealt both in brick and mortar casinos and online.

So, bearing in mind how successful brick and mortar poker switch cheats have been over the years, imagine how successful blackjack switch-switch cheats can be? (Note that the double switch-switch is not a writing mistake but rather an emphasis to switching cards in an already switch game LOL)

Imagine switching cards with your blackjack cheat partner while all that switching is already legitimately going on!

Talk about taking candy from a baby!

Ooops! I forgot to mention one thing: You see, this is all a pipe dream--the game is obviously not dealt from the hand anywhere. It is dealt from a card shoe just like the majority of brick and mortar blackjack games, where the players cannot touch the cards. When you want to switch cards in your hands, you tell the dealer, who does the switching for you.

Well, it was nice fantasizing for awhile, right? LOL

The "Madbotter" online poker cheat comes clean on poker forum--Do you and I believe it?

An online poker player calling himself “themadbotter” recently admitted on the Two plus Two poker forum that he’s been successfully bot-cheating online poker for the past six months and has racked up more than &30,000 in profits in that time.

He has also stated that he is retiring from what he calls his lucrative online poker cheating endeavor because he has found some other lucrative career and he no longer wants to put his time into the online poker cheating (which he doesn’t really consider cheating).

So—do you believe him?

I understand that lots of you are skeptics. After all, why would a guy who’s been successfully cheating for that much time without taking heat in the poker forums admit to this? Especially in light of the fact that his new endeavor might fail, which could propel his re-entry into poker bot cheating?

Well, I was asked the same question when I went public with my huge brick and mortar casino cheating career. I openly admitted and described my ultra-casino cheating move (the Savannah) even though I knew I could have gone on doing it for years if not forever.

Not many people believed me at first either. In fact, until casino security and surveillance insiders backed up my claims, I was generally considered a fiction writer when it came to casino cheating.

So yes, I do believe the guy (or girl—you never know).

He also stated that lots of work and tune-ups were necessary to keep his bot functioning properly and to make sure he stayed under the radar. I understand that statement very well, as I had to do tons of work preparing my brick and mortar cheat moves and at the same time doing my own security work to make sure I didn’t end up in jail.

Casino cheating in any form, online or off, is very difficult and takes tons of work.

So far the reactions across the online poker world vary. Some people believe it and want to hear more. Others believe it and condemn the guy for his online poker cheating and then bragging about it.

Still others are doubtful about the veracity of the claims.

One guy on the forum says he thinks he knows who themadbotter might be and is even launching his own investigation to come up with more.

Well, good luck to him and I hope you all continue to stay abreast of this very interesting online poker cheating situation.

And one more thing: If you, Mr. or Ms. themadbotter, read this article, you are welcome to write on my blog any time! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Ol' Purple Bra Casino Cheat Scam at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA!

Not too pretty but she's got a purple bra!
Well, I've heard it before and I'll hear it again!

This time the ol' purple bra cheat scam occurred at the cheat-plagued Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA.

For those of you who don't know what the purple-bra scam is, it's simply when a female employee of the casino stuffs purple $500 chips into her bra and whisks them off the casino floor and into her pocket when she gets the chance.

Brandy Micheli Cheatham (GET A GANDER AT HER LAST NAME: "CHEAT 'EM"!...LOL), a forty-four year-old Sands casino supervisor, stuffed six of the $500 purple chips into her bra but clumsily dropped them as she was getting into an elevator--and was caught by the surveillance camera.

I imagine the surveillance operators upstairs watching had a good chuckle or two over this one!

In any case, the $3,000 attempted theft is surely gonna knock Ms.Cheatham ("Cheatham") out of the casino business for life and maybe six months of it in the county jail.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Card-Counting Cheating Wars Erupting in Maryland Casinos

Don't tell Maryland!
Ever since the US state of Maryland got its first legal gambling casino in 2010, blackjack card-counting has been a major combative issue, and it seems that the state's casino authorities at least secretly consider card-counting as cheating at blackjack.

Statistically, this makes sense.

I am getting more reports of blackjack players suspected of card-counting in Maryland being shown the door than from anywhere else in the world. And in some cases these "86ings" of suspected card-counters have been getting a bit rough--with at least three current law suits against Maryland casinos for illegal detention and battery on patrons currently running through Maryland's courts.

Also on the rise, faster than in any other US state, are casinos' conversion to continuous automatic card shufflers on their blackjack tables. Casino authorities state that they are using these shuffling machines, which shuffle played cards into the existing deck every few hands and render card-counting and other forms of advantge play nearly impossible, more to speed up the deal of blackjack games than to deter the card counters and shuffle trackers.

But whatever the truth really is, casinos neither in Maryland nor in the rest of the world will ever be able to convert to using the continuous shufflers on all their tables. That's because lots of high rollers and preferred customers simply don't like them,

Not because they're counting cards but rather for a general distaste of constantly seeing played cards invade the unplayed decks.

My take: Let the wars go on! The casinos will win most of 'em--but not all of 'em.