Friday, November 24, 2017

Colorado Casino Prosecutes Man for Playing $2 Abandoned Slot Machine Credit!

Wow, talk about draconian casino measures....or talk about just plain ridiculousness! But this actually happened.

Dan's bill for paying a $2 abandoned slot credit 
A man referring to himself as "Dan" in order to protect his identity entered Johnny Z's Casino in Central City, Colorado back in February. He sat down at a slot machine and there was a $2 credit on it. He innocently--OK, he knew it was a freebee--or at least without malice--played the credit. Next thing he knew he was grabbed up by security, who had traced him through his players card, and hauled to the backroom of the casino, then arresrted and charged with misdemeanor casino fraud. He then found himself in jail.

All this over two lousy dollars.

Dan, who has a state professional license to practice some sort of profession or business, now has a criminal record and his whole career is in jeopardy. He stated that it was not his intent to steal from anyone, even less the casino, and he pointed out that it was not the casino's two dollars in the first place. He said he simply saw the credit, figured no harm no foul, and played it. After all, he felt it was quite unlikely the player would come back looking for the two-dollar credit.

And, believe it or not, Dan's case is not at all unique in Colorado casinos. In the last five years, 80 people have been jailed for misdemeanor casino fraud concerning slot machines. These "offenses" included playing other people's credits, Dan's crime, as well as finding slot vouchers on the floor and cashing them out and finding casino chips on the floor or left abandoned on gaming tables.

In Dan's case, after pleading guilty and paying $250 in various fees and fines to avoid a bigger problem, the state of Colorado offered him the chance to expunge his record so that his $2 crime would not smear the rest of his life. But he still had to do 24 hours of community service and now must stay out of casinos.

My take: This is really hard to take! I think a little warning to any casinogoer who happens to play an abandoned credit would suffice.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

6 Steps Casino Surveillance Practices to Weed Out Casino and Poker Cheats

They see you coming!
Today's casinos do everything they can to stop the cheat and advantage-players, including steps that take place before cheats and APs even enter the casino. Six of them are listed below.   

1)  License Plate Recognition Technology: Casinos take digital photos of all vehicle license plates as they enter the property. So if you're a known casino cheat or poker cheat and you arrive at the casino with a vehicle registered in your own name, you're sure as hell giving the casino a head start!

2) Biometric Face Recognition: It's the same thing as the license plate recognition except it's your face that's being recognized by the cameras. Then the photo is compared to the photos in the casino's database, and if you're a match, you're again giving the casino a head start.

3) Angel Eye Technology: This is not about your car or your face; it's a sensor embedded in card shoes that track the cards as they're dealt and relay the info to a computer. So if the results of the hand at the table don't agree with results showing up on the computer screen, you're in trouble if you're the one causing the deviation.

4) RFID Technology: These radio frequency identification chips are embedded in the casino chips and allow the casinos to follow their chips on and off the tables, wherever they go inside the casino's range. So if you're claiming you bet more than you bet or less than you bet, all the casino has to do is check the monitor and see how much you actually did bet.

5) TableEye21: An overhead video camera records the action and then with special software that analyzes the data in conjunction with the RFID technology, it matches the video feed with real-time information of the cards being dealt and the chips being wagered. This paints a pretty good picture of what happens on the tables that is very difficult to alter after the fact.

6) NORA Technology: Another high-tech software package that allows suspicious casino bosses to connect members of casino-cheating teams or advantage-play teams who are trying to make them think they are not playing or cheating together and don't even know each other. It makes a non-obvious relationship awareness very obvious when the casino bosses learn that two or more people winning big at the table while seemingly not knowing each other are actually neighbors and went to the same high-school.

My take: Well, not all casinos have all of these weapons but most have at least some of them. While the gaming-table technology seems really effective, I am less convinced by the face-recognition technology, especially if the cheats and APs go through the bother of disguising themselves.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Casino Cheating Apps for Sale near Macau!

High-Tech Cheating Equipment Hub
Unfortunately for casinos this is true. And it has been going on for a few years now--right in the open!

Just one hour away from Macau is Guangzhou, a Chinese city long known as being a hub for high-tech electronic products. But now it has become known as a place where both amateurs and professional casino cheats can buy the latest electronic equipment that has a special app--cheating casinos.

And they're sold right out in the open, operating like your normal retail electronics outlet. Just walk in and tell the salespeople what your casino-cheating specialty is and they will supply you with the latest in tiny video cameras, computer analyzers for reading invisibly marked cards through cell phone cameras, advanced marking cards systems, optical character recognition technology, and just about anything else that exists out there for electronically and digitally cheating casinos.

Of course this should be of no surprise coming from China, but what is so surprising about it is the lack of effort by Asian casino authorities to get some control over it. The situation kind of reminds me of the old European Needle Parks where heroine was sold out in the open to addicts.

But remember one thing, which is why you really should not get involved in buying or using any of this high-tech cheating stuff: if you get caught inside a casino with it, you will have a serious problem!

Saturday, November 04, 2017!!!

Collusion Rings Galore!
Yep, that's the address for emails you want to send reporting suspicious and potentially collusive play at partypoker.

And the email address is there for a reason!

Back on October 21, a TwoPlusTwo poker forum member named "FarseerFinland" alerted the poker community with this post: "Huge collusion ring at high-stakes MTTs at partyPoker."

PartyPoker, which has been striving to overtake PokerStars as the #1 online poker site, took this post very seriously and immediately responded to it.

The original poster to this thread has been playing online games at PartyPoker for more than a decade and now plays under the name "DukeOfSuffolk".

Two very suspicious plays were detailed in a complaint to PartyPoker, both in $109-and-up buy-in poker tournaments. PartyPoker investigated the claims and quickly confirmed them. Its investigation led to bans from the site as well as repayments to those who were victimized by the collusion ring.

Prior to his posting and prior to PartyPoker's investigation, "DukeOfSuffolk" launched his own very thorough investigation, citing several hands and identifying groups of players he determined were involved in the collusion ring. He went on to add several more players to the ring as his investigation progressed, providing links to their hand-histories and details of their finishes in these suspected tournaments.

Then on October 22, "FarseerFinland" posted that "Poker_Rep"informed him that all the accounts mentioned by "DukeOfSuffolk" were suspended and placed under investigation. Two days later, on October 24, "Party_Rep" posted that all the information was being investigated by the relevant teams and that the collusion allegations were being taken very seriously

And finally PartyPoker managing director Tom Waters confirmed that "a group of accounts were found to be playing in teams in order to collude against other players."

My take: Well, I guess the email address collusion@partypoker says it all.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Cheat-Detecting Dealer Chip-Tray?

Cheat-Detecting Chip Rack?
According to a 3-D animation firm CEO named Darrell Ratliff, casino cheating can be detected simply by the casino chips coming out of the dealer's chip tray via cheating itself.

Sound curious?

Well, that's what Ratlff says. He has received a patent for a device he calls "The Smart Chip Tray." It is a casino chip rack that uses lasers to track the chip-movement in each of the rack's slots. So by tracking chips disappearing out of the racks to quickly, casinos can catch on to cheating scams.

What do I think of this casino-cheat-detecting chip rack?

I would rack it up to another worthless prevent-casino-cheating claim. I mean, after all, what about all those legitimate players who get on a lucky streak and wipe out the chip racks during a string of winning hands?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rape is Raped by Alabama Tribal Casino!

Are Tribal casinos getting too fair treatment?
Trouble understanding the title of this article?

Well, you'll get it in a minute.

Back in 2011, a man named Jerry Rape put $5 into an electronic slot machine. Lo and behold, it spit out a $1.4 million jackpot!

Well, that was quite temporary because the casino, the Wind Creek casino in Montgomery that is owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, told Mr. Rape that the machine that yielded the jackpot had malfunctioned.

Rape was not only not paid but taken to the back security room of the casino, held for 24 hours and repeatedly threatened as he was told he would not be receiving any money from Wind Creek casino.

So Rape sued the Tribe and the casino, but it didn't even matter how strong his case was. That's because the Tribe claimed it had tribal immunity within the federal law, and the Alabama Supreme Court agreed.

So, now you see how Mr. Rape was raped.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Casino Cheat Phil Ivey Finally Shit Outta Luck!

Did he sort those cards too?
It now appears that poker and casino cheating legend Phil Ivey has finally lost, WITH finality, his bid to recoup the $10 million he cheated out of Crockfords Casino in London. He and his female casino-cheat partner, Cheung Yin Sun, used a technique known as edge-sorting to cheat Crockfords as well as the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and several others.World-wide they may have earned as much as $40 million.

The Borgata is currently suing Ivey and Sun to recoup the $12 million they paid the pair.

I, for one, am pleased that the decision went against Ivey. I do not appreciate his claim that was he did was not only not cheating, it was not dishonest. He claimed that since he never touched the cards in play, he did not cheat. But what he never mentioned is how he manipulated the dealers to turn the cards for him so that Sun could read the deformed edges in order to identify their values.

He claimed he was superstitious and the cards had to be in a certain position to allay his fears of losing. And he used his celebrity to get the casino to comply

This is clearly a form of casino-cheating as the procedure of the game is changed to accommodate a player advantage. Had Ivey simply taken advantage of the defective cards and not influenced the dealers to help him gain the advantage, than I agree he would have had a case for not-cheating.

So to all you bleeding-heart advantage-play enthusiasts out there who bought Ivey´s bullshit, I say to you, "Take it down the road, jerkoffs!"

Friday, October 20, 2017

Is Austalia's Giant Crown Casino Cheating to get back at the Cheats?

Is the Crown cheatng its players?
A few years back, the Crown Casino in Melbourne was the victim of a giant insider-casino-scam to the tune of some $40 million. Several employees including surveillance inspectors rigged camera locations to film playing cards to be used at baccarat tables.

The scam hurt the Crown and was also a huge embarrassment.

Well, now the Crown casino itself has been accused of turning the tables on the cheats, that is the poker-machine tables. Whistleblowers in the country's federal parliament claim that Crown executives ordered the tampering of poker machines to increase the amount of money the players lot.

Of course casino authorities deny these very serious allegations, but if they are proven to be true, he harm to the Crown casino Melbourne and all its other worldwide casino properties could be devastating.

Very Interesting article on Cyber Cheating Slot Machines

Can he stop the high-tech casino cheats?
Remember the mysterious Russian math whiz and cyber-gang casino-cheat leader known as Alex who figured out how slot machines manufactured by Australian gaming company Aristocrat Leisure generate the pseudo-random numbers that determine when the machines odds shift in favor of the player?

Well, if you don't, Alex sent an army of cyber casino-cheats to invade casino slot machines worldwide armed with this knowledge--and they won/cheated tens of millions from major casinos on several continents.

Well, now Blaine Graboyes, a gambling-machine guru and current CEO GameCo, Inc., a manufacturer of video-game gambling machines, says he has the answer to combat this type of cyber casino-thievery.

Read all about it in this very interesting article.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Could the recent Las Vegas Massacre have had anything to do with Casino Gambling or Cheating?

Normally I do not stray off course when writing articles for this blog, mainly sticking to topics that are directly related to casino cheating or casino advantage play. But sometimes I do, and this will be one of those times.

We are all interested in what could have propelled Stephen Paddock to commit such a horrific crime and take the lives of so many people and injure hundreds more. We have not heard of any connections to white supremacist groups or international terrorist organizations, or anything else that could have driven him to take revenge against someone or something.

However, we have heard that some big-time gambling and big-time gambling losses have played a significant part in Paddock's confusing past. In fact, it has been reported in the media that Paddock has claimed that he'd lost in excess of a million dollars gambling in casinos in a single year.

It has also been established that Paddock unsuccessfully sued the Cosmopolitan casino for $100,000 in damages after he fell and injured himself in a casino. The casino was able to prove that scores of other people did not fall where Paddock had. Perhaps Paddock hatched this scheme to get back some of the money he lost gambling?

So could any of this have played a part in his motive?

Well, I have heard about gamblers losing lots of money, in some cases everything: meaning their homes, savings and family. Some of these people do flip out and do crazy things. Some of them blame the casinos, falsely accusing them of luring them to gamble away their life savings at their tables--as if they had a gun to his head.

And some of them take a twisted form of revenge, going as far as to say the casinos cheated them out of their money, which is altogether ridiculous

And perhaps Paddock had another gripe to pick with casinos for not being found legally responsible for  his fall.

I sure hope this has nothing to do with Paddock's motive; I'm sure the Las Vegas casinos hope so as well, as this type of revelation would be severely damaging to their public relations.

And even though I doubt at the end that this is somehow behind Paddock's motive, unfortunately it is entirely possible--given the fact that no clear motive has been established or released by any investigative authority.