Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Astronaut to Speak at Willie Allison's 2016 World Game Protection Conference...Absurd!

Biggest Casino Fraud? 
I have been criticizing the validity of Allison's World Game Protection Conference ever since I was the keynote speaker there in 2007. I have repeatedly accused Allison of extending his speakers far beyond the realm of what game protection is--only to keep his conference raking in the large sums of money from Native-American Casinos whose executives are being duped into believing that the conference fees are well worth paying in order to get valuable information that may help them protect their casinos from cheats, advantage-players and whoever else is seeking to siphon money from their casino cages.

Allison has already had conference speakers in the form of terrorism-experts, hotel and travel-experts, prognosticators who can predict anything and everything that has nothing to do with casino game-protection and, of course, the never-ending lineup of ex-magicians turned so-called "gaming-consultants" or "game-protection consultants."

But now Allison has completely outdone himself! An ASTRONAUT???

Maybe I'm missing the point, but can anyone explain to me what an astronaut has to do with casino game protection? Well, the only thing I can think of is that maybe he's hawking game-protection for blackjack and baccarat tables floating around in outer space LOL!

All kidding aside, this is really ridiculous, and I take it as a personal insult...I wish you would too!

If the astronaut, Leroy Chiao, is not enough to make you reconsider wasting your money for your trip to Vegas and ticket for this WGPC farce, let´s take a look at the rest of Allison´s field of "casino game-protection experts" for the 2016 conference.

We´ve got Abe Davis, another computer-science expert, just like all the others who´ve spoke at WGPC. He is going to tell us about more 3D enhanced images surveillance people can watch up in their surveillance rooms. Why not teach some of the surveillance people how to recognize cheat and advantage-play scams with their own eyes and brains first? There´s already been enough oohing and ahhing over surveillance cameras who teach absolutely nothing as far as detecting casino cheats and advantage players.

Next we have Persi Diaconis. If his name isn't outcast enough, his game-protection credentials certainly are. The man is a mathematician! And of course, an ex-magician! LOL. Are you getting my drift here? What did Diaconis do? Did he realize that there were already too many magicians posing as game-protection experts and thus decided to use his mathematical skills to get invited to Allison's conference?

Then we have a memory expert! Maybe he can teach you to forget about this fraudulent conference!

And finally we have Tania Johannisson, an online casino security expert who happens to be one beautiful number--at least judging by her photo. She might really be that expert too, but what has her expertise got to do with land-based casinos? She should be speaking at an online-gaming conference somewhere, which I´m sure she does.

Look, there are some speakers at the WGPC who have some real game-protection experience but often their presentations go beyond what casino-staffs need to learn and practice in order to protect their casinos. Then there are others who are very knowledgeable in one area of game-protection but speak on game-protection matters that they know very litte about.

One such example of this is widely-respected industry-gaming-expert Bill Zender. Zender is a terrific numbers-cruncher who can tell you the probability of this and that and help you regulate your bonus and player-award programs and even your floor procedures to protect against blackjack card-counters, but the only thing he knows about casino-cheating is what he´s been told and read--mostly by me! If you think I'm full of it, here's proof of what I'm talking about.

A few years back I told Zender of an Italian roulette-pastposting team who were the best I´d ever seen. A month later an ezine article written by Zender about this team and their move appeared in Willy Allison´s old Catwalk report as well as in other outline outlets. In it he wrote about the move as if he'd seen it and detected it himself. But his description of the move was entirely erroneous as he of course had no idea of how it was done. I would love to challenge him in front of a WGPC audience to explain exactly how this move by the Italians went down. That would surely be the proof in the pudding! This article as well as an accurate description by me can be supplied on demand.

In spite of all this, Allsion and his inner group of cohorts including Zender, Sal Piacente and George Joseph have succeeded in getting me blacklisted from the US game-protection industry by badmouthing me and attacking my credibility. But the truth is that they simply feared that Native-American and non-Vegas casinos would hire me instead of them for training because I am the real-deal when it comes to teaching casino-staffs about REAL game-protection.

Why am I writing this article? You guessed it! I am trying to convince you that the best value for the funds budgeted by your casino for game-protection and surveillance training lies in hiring someone who can really provide effective services...rather than wasting it on an overblown smoke and mirrors spectacle in Las Vegas!

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